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BCMG Recording Studios

BCMG Recording Studios is a fully digital facility which provides the artist with the ability to track, mix, master and burn redbook cds in a comforting, non-stressful environment. BCMG Recording Studios can also provide multi-track digital recordings at your location of choice with its Remote Recording Rig. For over seven years, Chicago singers and musicians have made BCMG Recording Studios their choice for everything from demos to commercially released cds. With the creation of Blue Chanteuse Records, BCMG Recording Studios now comprises one link in a completely vertically-integrated recording company.

The following is some of the equipment available at BCMG Recording Studios:


Tascam Digital Mixer
Mackie 1402 Analog Mixer


Tascam 78HR and 38 DTRS for a total of 16 digital tracks
Tascam CD-RW5000
Sony DAT
Revox PR-99 MkIII 2-track 15ips Reel to Reel
Ampex AG-500 2-track Reel to Reel

Mastering: Alesis Masterlink

Neumann TLM-103
Groove Tubes MD2a, 5SM, AM-61, AM-55, and GT-33 (2)
RODE NT-4 Stereo Microphone
CAD E-300 and E-100 (2)
Shure SM81, SM33 and Unidyne 556S
AKG C3000 (2), C430 (2), D224 (2), D202, D24 (2), D160, D409 (3) and D550
Sennheiser MKH816
ElectroVoice 635A

Channel Strips: Focusrite, dbx and Joe Meek
Mic Pre's: dbx, Digitech and ART (all tube)
Compression: Yamaha, Symetrix and Alesis
Monitors: Tannoy
Piano (Acoustic): Baldwin grand piano
Midi Keyboard: Fatar keyboard with both analog and digital outboard sound modules
Computer: iMAC G4/800
Remote Recording Rig: Yamaha AW2816 16-Track, 24-bit Portable Audio Workstation

The following artists are among those who have recorded at BCMG Studios:

Marnie Baumer Gail Becker Alexandra Billings

Aras Biskis

Mark Burnell Russell Clark
Will Clinger Gino DeLuca Dan Ferretti
Johnny Frigo Tina Gluschenko Kimberly Gordon
Alan Gresik Cory Jamison Jimmy Johnson
Andy Jones Jeremy Kahn Jeffrey Kohut
Marc Landes Matthew Lewis Louie Marini
Fred Miller Patty Morabito Dan Nicholson
John Otto Anne Pringle Jeff Richmond
Johnny Rogers Russell Alan Rowe Dan "Fuzzbone"
Don Sohan Dan Stetzel MaryMonica Thomas
Michael Thomas John Yao  

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